Reading Resource

Reading Specialists

Here are the Comprehension Strategies we use:

  • Activate Prior Knowledge - What do you already know?
  • Make Connections - What do you have in common with the text? Does it remind you of other texts or other world events?
  • Predict - What will happen?
  • Question - What do you wonder about or what questions come to mind as you read?
  • Visualize - What pictures are created in your mind?
  • Infer - What do you know even though it is not stated?
  • Summarizing - What are the main ideas and important details? Retell.
  • Determining Importance - Identify, infer and remember what is most important.
  • Synthesis - Did what you read and what you know five you new thoughts or ideas?
  • Use of Genre - What is your purpose for reading? Use print features, pictures and graphic aids.
  • Self-Monitor or Clarify - Reread, check, question or self-correct and idea to make sense.

Mrs. Hudson, Reading Specialist

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